weekend & evening courses 

Our weekend and evening courses are designed for children to introduce them to new mediums and styles. Through these 6-10-week courses we will immerse ourselves in the worlds of artists and styles,  we will explore the tools, techniques and inspirations of the old masters, different cultures and new materials. Students will learn new techniques and will be able to integrate them into their own artwork.

Watercolor Landscapes Workshop

8-week Saturday Workshop February-April

Dates: Every Saturday (Starting February 11th)

Time: 11:30-1:00

Age: 10 and UP

Price: $275


In this 8-week workshop children will learn how to create beautiful landscapes of their choice using one of the trickiest mediums - watercolor. We will learn how to make skies, clouds, mountains, plains and trees. 

At the end of the workshop, everybody will have a 11x14 landscape to take home. 

Perspective and composition : July 24-28 (Age 10 and up)


Do you ever wonder how artists can make three dimensional world that seems to go on forever on a flat piece of paper? How do they make buildings and boxes that look so real but are just lines on a page? In this camp we will explore the rich history of perspective and composition in painting and drawing. We will learn all the special tricks artist’s use to fool your eyes into believing there is a whole world contained on a flat paper, wall or canvas. Students will learn the basics of overlapping and use of scale along with one, two and three point perspective that so many of our students have been dying to learn.

Date: July 24-28

Time: 9am-1pm

Cost: $250.00 - register before April 1st and receive 10% OFF Early Bird Discount

(10% OFF sibling discount is applied at the time of payment, discounts don't combine)

Instructor: Lika Gitis