We are so excited to present a new project at the studio - BIG ART!

In our studio children will work together on a very large canvas to create a painting that is larger than they are. We will start by sketching a copy of a masterpiece artwork by a famous artist. Then children will choose their colors, grab a huge brush and start painting! Participants work together to fill the entire canvas.

While the kids are busy painting, teachers will be busy taking pictures for a stop-motion video of the process, in the end all will be able to watch the video of how their BIG ART was created!

Creating Matisse BiG ART, Summer Camps 2016

Creating a Wild Jungle with guest teacher Anna Ushakova

about the video process:

The movie will be shot from above giving viewers a bird's eye view of the process and allowing children to create without disruptions. Once the pictures are taken they will be set to a fun music track and assembled into a stop motion art video. 

Everyone will be able to enjoy this BIG ART movie with family and friends. You can keep it as a screen saver or share it via email or on social media. Either way you will always be able to keep and remember your experience of creating BIG ART!