Thank you for coming to our online studio, we are happy you are here!

what we offer

who we are...

We are art teachers that love children's art more than anything else. Our unique teaching method engages children into the art process and lets them discover and learn while creating beautiful works. We focus on teaching children to start their artwork with a simple idea and make it into a colorful, detailed and beautifully finished art piece!! We are proud of who we are and believe that with a little encouragement, patience and love children will become talented artists! Yes, all of them :)

what sets us apart...

  • more than 10 years of experience

  • unique method of teaching art

  • we foster love for arts and art history 

  • our students receive top prizes in contests

  • we speak English and Russian

  • we always strive to learn new techniques

  • our students stay with us until college

  • we spend our breaks in a fun gym space


We are here!