Art Classes 2017

Carol is painting an elephant using acrylics 

Carol is painting an elephant using acrylics 

Mickey working on his watercolor and ink dinosaur project 

Molly working on her stillife

Hazel working on the Duck Contest 2016

about our process:

Fun, creative and inspirational classes!

Classes are taught in small groups where we introduce children to different mediums and teach them while they create their paintings. We believe children learn by doing. We don't concentrate on a specific subject or theme, rather allow children to pick their own ideas and guide them through the process of making a finished piece. 

Children fall in love with art when their own imagination starts to come to life on paper.

Our students learn without even knowing it, they soon start using the techniques and tips that they've learned in other projects; and the more they paint - the better artists they become. We don't teach specific art skills, instead we use the skills that they have and help them create. Throughout the process, children learn to think, make decisions, and learn to appreciate and know art!

  • You can join classes at any time
  • Ideas always come from children, unless they are stuck and can't choose a project
  • Students learn how to create an art work from a simple sketch to a finished painting
  • While having small group classes, we  individually with every child and at their own pace
  • Always keep low student/teacher ratio
  • We enter art contests and participate in exhibitions 

mediums that we love:

Being a graphic designer by education, it only makes sense to teach children the mediums that we know best, those would be all 2-D mediums. We have a little bit of sculpture too, but it is not clay or pottery. We teach doll making, costume making and papier-mâché masks and figurines. 

  • Acrylic 

  • Collage 

  • Painting

  • Watercolor

  • Graphics

  • Sketching

  • Pastels

  • Drawing

  • Sculpture

  • Basics of composition


"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child" -Pablo Picasso